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Apr 28, 2016


This wee we talk to Marty from rolling dice & taking names all about Lord of the Rings! and what we have been playing! Check it!

  • Introduce Marty from Rolling Dice and Taking Names!
  • What we have been playing!?
    • (Roy) Legendary, Hearthstone, and Tiny Epic Galaxies
    • (Rob) Star Wars Queen’s Gambit
    • (Matt) Star Wars Imperial Assault
    • (Marty) 51st State and a mention of Star Wars Rebellion


Topic: Lord of the Rings


  • What is lord of the rings?
    • A fantasy IP from J.R.R. Tolkien.
  • When did you first hear of Tolkien's world of Middle Earth?
    • Lord of the Rings Cartoon
    • Books
    • Movies
  • Do you think Tolkien's work had a big influence on the fantasy genre?
    • YES!
  • What are some tabletop games with the lord of the rings theme?
    • War of the Ring
    • Risk: Lord of the Rings
    • Lord of the Rings CCG
    • Lord of the Rings LCG
    • Lord of the Rings: The Miniature Game
  • Marty what is your current favorite board game?
    • Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn
  • Is there anything else you'd like to talk about or promote?
    • summer movie reviews
    • Going to CoolMiniOrNot Expo
    • Going to Origins
  • We are going to be hosted by Geek and Sundry on International Tabletop Day (April 30th) thanks to our friends at Gamelyn Games. We will be playing Tiny Epic Galaxies at 8pm EDT on April 30th come by and check us out @

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Apr 21, 2016

We are Epic Gaming Night!

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Apr 14, 2016


This week Roy and Matt talk about being a board game Player Vs being a hobbyist, Casual gaming, & Bringing people in to the hobby. we also take some questions from our listeners!


  • What we have been playing!?
    • (Roy) Atomic Empire, Codenames Pictures
    • (Matt) NDA’s, Telestrations After Dark
  • What is the difference between a board game player and a hobbyist?
    • Player enjoys playing games but doesn’t get into buying all the games.
    • Hobbyist’s get super into the theme.
  • What would you consider yourself?
    • (Matt) Player
    • (Roy) Hobbyist
  • Should we be trying to convert people to the hobby?
    • Yeah
  • Is there anything wrong with being a casual gamer?
    • Nope
  • Do you think there's too much elitism in gaming?
    • Ehh
  • What can gamers do to be more inclusive to all people groups?
    • Be nice.
  • Questions from some listeners!
  • Isthisgamefun:
    • Are there any Kickstarter games that you're really looking forward to?
      • Secret Hitler
      • Banner Saga
      • Scythe
    • Are they any games that everyone loves but you don't?
      • Killer Bunnies?
  • Boardgameshowcase:
    • You have to purge your collection, but you’re allowed to keep two games. What two games would you keep, what would you miss the most what would be your first purchase for the new collection (can't be anything you got rid of)?
      • Roy keeps Xia and Legendary plus all the expansions


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Apr 7, 2016

We Celebrate 50 Episodes with a ton of amazing guests! We talk Games we are excited about and play a game of Werewolf to close out the show!

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